A little context

Writing is my attempt to process. I have many thoughts that roam through my brain. Many good and many bad. Talking is the best way I process and putting words on paper brings about similar feelings of processing. But with writing I don’t feel compelled to sound a certain way. Be grammatical correct. Or care how my listener(s) is thinking. Writing is co-creating with the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is my only audience. And one thing I want to grow in is not caring what people think and just spilling out honest thoughts. I want to write to let God know how I feel. to let Him know where I’m at. To be honest and raw with him about my dysfunction and pain. To allow a path and avenue for Him to break down lies I’m believing and dispositions that aren’t righteous. This isn’t for you. This is selfishly for me. This is so I can be raw. So I can be stripped of things entagling me. This is for eternity.

I’ve written on and off for some time. English was one of my favorite classes in college. This was because of my professor. He didn’t push perspective and correctness on my writings. He just encouraged to use writing as a structure and framework for thought. Have a certain political view? He didn’t care. He just wanted to see his students grow in processing and expressing themselves. And when I think about it, my high school career was riddled with similar people. Miss Volpert and Miss Bregeth both pushed expression and not just a uniform writing structure. They liberated us and gave us the reigns to make our own paths in lively literature.

Matt Mewbourne