Eucalyptus + Mint Reed Diffuser

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Fragrance Description: Sharp, crisp, and cool. A powerfully soothing and cool mint smell that cleans out the nostrils, clears the brain, and invigorates the body.

Notes: Cedar, Clove, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Patchouli

Strength: Mild

Usage Time4oz (4-6 months), 8oz (8-12 months)

Best Places to Use: Sharp and clean this smell goes well in bathrooms or bedrooms. For those of you who have sinus issues or congestion try using this in the bathroom while showering; the steam from the shower in combination with the powerful peppermint helps to open the nostrils and let you breathe again.

Can’t burn candles in your home or prefer a more natural aromatherapy product? Our handmade reed diffusers are for you. Simply open the bottle and place the reeds in the bottle. Wait about 60-90 minutes for the fragrance oil to diffuse up through the reeds and into the air.

+You can adjust the strength of the smell by how many reeds you add (more reeds = stronger smell).

+Do not light or burn reeds or oil

+Flip reeds once a week

+Email us when you’re finished to refill or recycle and get a discount on your next order

+Not compatible with water diffusers