Premium Candlemaking Kit

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Ever wanted to learn how to make your own candles but can't attend one of our in-person Candle Classes? Or maybe you just want to pour at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home? Either way, we've got everything you need to get started pouring your own candles. Whether you want to make candles for gifts or for yourself, our Candlemaking Kits bring the candlemaking to you.

Our Premium Kit comes with everything in our Standard Candlemaking Kit as well as two extra jars with necessary materials such as wicks, an extra bag of wax, an extra bottle of fragrance oil, a scale for weighing your oil and wax, and a thermometer.

Premium Candlemaking Kit included materials:

x4 8oz sleek jars + lids containing wood wicks, wick clips, wick stickers, scent labels, warning labels

x1 sharpie for your scent labels

x2 1 pound bags of sustainably made 100% soy wax free of phthalates, parabens, and paraffin or other toxic additives

x2 1oz bottles of fragrance oil (You get a bottle of each oil in the pair of your choice)

x1 Pyrex beaker for pouring your fragrance oil

x1 8in spatula for stirring

x1 small metal pitcher for heating and pouring your mixture

x1 pair of wick trimmers

x1 Card with a QR code/URL link you can scan with your smartphone camera that takes you to our Candlemaking Lesson Video

x1 Scale for weighing your wax and oil

x1 Thermometer

Other Items You'll Need:

x1 Large Pot for heating your pitcher of wax

x1 Handful of enthusiasm

Our Premium Candlemaking Kit is a great way to spend a date night or time with family, and it provides a simple way for you to have some fun at home and experiment with candlemaking without the stress of trying to figure out everything on your own.

Each Premium Kit makes four 8oz candles consisting of two scents. You're also welcome to mix the two scents included and come up with your very own personal mixture! Don't worry we'll touch on this in the video so you aren't on your own.

Once you get through your first kit and if you're interested in making a few more but don't want to pay for all the extra materials such as a pitcher, wick trimmers, and spatula check out our Premium Candlemaking Kit Refill which provide you with all the materials you need such as wax, wicks, etc. to get back to pouring!