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Get to Know Us!

We're all about giving credit where it's due and honoring the people in our lives. So, if you like shoutouts and getting to know people scroll down to learn about those who make up the company!

Hi my name's Matt (Head Chandler + Founder)

I graduated with degrees in Sports Medicine from the University of Georgia; go dawgs. When I'm not at a coffee shop getting my fix or reading — for work or pleasure — I'm either playing sports or going outside. My faith is very important to me which is probably the main reason I started Rekindle. I wanted to partner with others to love people and be a steward of creation. Also, I’m married to this wonderfully patient and creative woman. --->

P.S. She took most of the photos on the website! She's awesome and caring. I can't say enough good things about her.


Heyy I'm Kayley! (Content & Digital Marketing Specialist)

I graduated from UGA in 2016 with a degree in Marketing and International Business. I currently work at a marketing firm in Athens and I love visual storytelling. When I'm not doing photography I'm probably reading or writing. (shameless plug here's my website: http://kayleylorraine.com). I love going outdoors as well and enjoy capturing the beauty in people. I'm also a chapstick enthusiast and love the Lord. And I have a lotta love for the guy above!


Kailey (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Hey y'all! I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising, a minor in Fashion and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I currently work for a campus ministry at UGA called the Wesley Foundation, specifically within the Freshman ministry, Freshley! Telling stories is a huge passion of mine and I love to do that through creative media. I'm a firm believer that crazy people are the best people! I love to hang out with my friends, read on my porch, sing + dance and drink an iced oat milk latte from 1000 Faces Coffee. 


Rekindle Candle Co

What's up fam my name is Camden (Sales & Marketing Specialist)

What's good fam?! Ya boii just graduated from the University of Georgia as a Marketing major. However, I am more than just a graduate. Some of you may know me from my nicknames: midnight cobra, the protector, and even grandma. My goal is to provide people an outlet to buy candles, so yes I am your sales guy. All transactions can go through me. On the flip side I am a Steph Curry enthusiast, love Lecrae, and enjoy serving youth of greater Athens. #CandleSZN #BeanTalk #Beanski


Honorable Shoutouts:

The Bilslands - Thank you for being flexible and being a source of provision for getting the store started.

Sadie Krawczyk - Thank you for receiving us and helping us get to where we are today, literally.

Chris Carpentier - Thank you for being someone that connects others and brings people together.

Athens Farmers Market - For helping us get going and being a conduit for small things to grow.

Hill - Thanks for staying up late and discussing ideas with me.

Michael - Thanks for the ambience music #violinorviola? #dontknowthedifference

K Ko - Entrepreneur fist bump #AthensAcai #RIP

Luke - Your presence refreshes my soul.

Mom - The burlap idea. Keeps hands safe and adds aesthetic. #candlecoozies