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Frequently asked questions

YES. All of our wax is made from soy beans grown in the U.S. (Golden Wax). By supporting our candles you're supporting domestic products and promoting a renewable resource.

Our wood wicks that crackle when they burn are sourced from sustainable lumber farms and every purchase you make helps plant more trees (

We're big on reuse. Most of our glass containers are made form recycled glass and we like to pursue the same attitude of suitability. Unfortunately, a lot of glass ends up in landfills even if it's placed in the recycling bin. In an effort to extend the life of the glass we use and prevent it from ending up in the environment where it takes many years to break down we offer an exchange program.

As we've outgrown our college kitchen and moved into a retail location with a fully operational online business so to has our reach grown from the Athens Farmers Market to a nationally pervasive brand. That said, we've decided to discontinue our refill program for logistical reasons and pursue a Container Exchange Program. So, every time you bring back your cleaned out Rekindle Candle container we'll swap it out for a candle of equal size or value for 20% off! We get to reuse the container and you get a discount for helping us do something good. Woohoo!

For our non-local fans out there we know it’s not very economical or sustainable to mail back your empty container but since we love sustainability we’d like to give y’all 15% off your next order on our online shop if you send us a picture of your cleaned out and recycled container, or repurposing it in some way (we recommend using them as pots for succulents).

Yes! We offer a subscription option on all of our products. Under each product, you'll see an option to subscribe. When selected, you can choose how often you want that specific product ordered! It's that easy.

All of our fragrances are infused with essential oils (

To clarify, our fragrances aren’t 100% essential oils. It’s difficult to produce a candle with completely essential oils that’s highly fragrant. Feel free to checkout the CandleScience link for more info. If you’re set on essential oils we recommend water diffusion or homemade reed diffusers.