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These are scents too good to be bound by season. Fan and staff favorites that are so beloved we want to offer them year round. And while we might be biased to burn them all year we hope that they'll find a home within your home no matter the weather, temperature, or month.

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  • "OBSESSED WITH THESE CANDLES!!!!! They last forever and smell amazing!! I have one in every single room! I have not been able to look at candles the same since buying Rekindle Candles. The store front is amazing too!! My husband and I will always be Rekindle people! Matt and Kayley are GEMS of humans. It is truly amazing how well they serve and love people well with candles."

    Madison M.

  • "I love these candles so much, I feel like I need to write a review. I have gotten two different ones now and have loved them both (grapefruit+ seltzer and blackberry+ amber). I get the smallest size because I'm a broke college student, and they feel like a little luxury to me. The scents are so natural smelling and not overwhelming at all. The design looks so chic and works as decor as well. The matches that come with feel so high quality and smooth, I love using them. Every time I light these candles it feels like a little self-care ritual. I can't recommend them enough."

    Anna E.

  • "I’ve followed Rekindle for a few years and finally decided to do a candle class. Matt lead the class and it was the most fun thing! Matt walked my sister and I through each step and even got into the science behind why the candles work and why each step matters. We both ended up with candles that smell amazing and we love! The shop is adorable and I’ll definitely be back for more!"

    Heather J.