Wick Trimmers

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Wick trimmers are perfect for cutting cotton or wood wicks. Available in 2 different colors.

Wick trimmers help maintain proper wick height. You want to make sure to keep you wick trimmed between burns. This gets rid of ash that can snuff the flame and also prevent sooting or smoke from a large flame. Trimming your wick also helps with burn quality and smell.

Prior to each burn simply use your wick trimmer to remove some of the ash residue on the wick by cutting off ash that is easily cut through. Wood wicks typically burn better when they’re trimmed low but you don’t want to trim so low that the wick is even with the wax. If you have questions about trimming your wick feel free to reach out!


If you're a candle fanatic like us then you want all the candle things including the tools that help keep your candle happy and therefore you happy our Candle Care Kit is for you.

This candle care kit comes flush with all the necessary nick nacks to keep your candle well maintained all while being a statement piece for your coffee table, nightstand, or vanity.

Included is a Wick Dipper, Candle Snuffer, Wick Trimmer and a Sleek Matching Tray where all the utensils can rest cozy when not in use. Everything comes packaged neatly and comfortably in a cotton sachet.