Spring 2023 Collection

Warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and weekend vacations. Below you'll find this and more to to incite your senses to make you reminiscent of your favorite Springs and excite your dreams to enjoy your 2023 Spring.

This collection is inspired by soft, sweet, airy florals (Sea Salt + Orchid, Gardenia + Teakwood, Seaside Rose) along with some more robust sweet smells (Grapefruit + Seltzer, Poolside Honeysuckle. And for those of you that love the beach and the wonderful weather we've got some light, beach vibe smells for you (Beachwood, Black Coral). Some other honorable mentions include Eucalyptus + Mint, Lavender + Lemongrass, as well as some new scents exclusive to reed diffusers only (White Tea + Jasmine, Sea Minerals + Linen, Palo Santo + Sandalwood).