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Evergreen Blanc Reed Diffuser

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Fragrance Description: A yummy blend of evergreens with mellow sweet, earthy notes. As the name implies this is a great green scent to have during the colder months as well as all times of the year. Bright, invigorating notes of evergreens are blended with a middle body of simple fruity notes finished off by smooth amber and eucalyptus.

Notes: Spruce, Cedar, Balsam, Lime, Pear, Bergamot, Amber, Eucalyptus

Strength: 4 out of 5

Usage Time: 4oz (4-6 months), 8oz (6-12 months)

Best Places to Use: A refreshing evergreen scent that we recommend for spaces needing some of that good ole fashioned outdoorsy smell to spruce up the space such as living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms if you're into smelling the outdoors at the beginning or end of your day. Shower + fresh evergreens = um yes please.

Can’t burn candles in your home or prefer a more natural aromatherapy product? Our handmade reed diffusers are for you. Simply open the bottle and place the reeds in the bottle. Wait about 60-90 minutes for the fragrance oil to diffuse up through the reeds and into the air.

+You can adjust the strength of the smell by how many reeds you add (more reeds = stronger smell).

+Do not light or burn reeds or oil

+Flip reeds once a week

+Email us when you’re finished to refill or recycle and get a discount on your next order

+Not compatible with water diffusers

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Burn Time: 4oz (35-45 hours), 8oz (45-55 hours), 16oz (90-110 hours; double cotton wicks60-75 hours)

Best Places to Use: Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or anywhere you want a clean, sharp, vibrant and sweet smell. It also pairs well with office spaces where you might want a bright, invigorating, sweet scent that isn't too overwhelming but provides a constant, refreshing smell to put a little pep in your working step.

Candle Contents: All of our candles are made with 100% soy wax sustainably produced in the US. Our fragrance oils are infused with essential oils. And our wicks are made from wood sustainably and domestically sourced from Forestry Stewardship Certified (FSC) lumber mills and crackle when they burn like a bonfire. To top it off, the company we source our wicks from plants a tree for every $100 we spend. I mean come on! How awesome is that!? Buy a candle and help plant a tree.

Soy wax candles with crackling wood wicks that are sustainable candles and plant trees.

Read more about our sustainability efforts on our Social Initiatives page.

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